Why are we different?

What really distinguishes us is the fantastic training all our Au Pairs receive.  We understand the peace of mind that comes with leaving your children with a person you feel confident in and trust like family.  Our training and the bond you build from having your Au Pair live as part of your family, provides our customers with sense of deep comfort.  You know that your Perfect Au Pair will come to you skilled, prepared and ready to start. That is what makes all the difference.


It is time!  To take back your valuable time and spend it wisely with your family.  Are you swamped with domestic chores,   Just about keeping your head above water? Are you forced to make the choice between keeping your home and life domestic organised, work and spending truly valuable time with your children?  
We are here find you the Perfect Au Pair and provide all the training needed to ensure they are able to provide the back up you are looking for.
Our children are the most important people in the world and finding the right childcare is not always easy. We have developed an alternative to untrained Au Pairs and expensive Nannies.  Perfect Au Pairs share our passion for excellence.  We nurture, value and  invest in their training and the result is a great experience for both our Families and our Au Pairs.   We will  handle the whole process from start to finish.  Taking the hard work and unease away.  We find great Au Pairs, introduce you to make sure they are a great fit with you and your family and then train them so they are ready to help you out.   
Inviting an Au Pair into your home can be an amazing experience.  They bring a new culture and new experiences into the family, broadening the minds and hearts of little ones.  We are very proud to play a part in the invaluable cultural exchange which brings so many benifits to both sides.


Our training ensures your Au Pair arrives knowing what is expected of them and what to expect.  It gives them a great foundation and clear guidlines.  This sets our Au Pairs aside from the rest and gives our families peace of mind.


Working as an Au Pair. Role of an Au Pair. Routine and Time Management.


Child Safety. Child Safety in the home. Fire Safety. Child Safety outside the home. First Aid and Medical.


Healthy eating. Learning through cooking. Fussy eating. Food safety & hygiene. Allergies & intolerences.


Child development and activities. Child Development. Activities for children


Building relationships with your host family. First few days. Communicating effectively with parents. Understanding what is expected of you.


Caring for babies and young children safely.
How to hold a baby safely. Nappy changing. Feeding babies. Hygiene in the home. Bed time.


Managing behavior. Infant brain development and behaviour.

What makes a Perfect Au Pair?

Perfect Au Pairs come from overseas to  provide childcare. They are excited to start a new adventure and become part of the family. They take on an older sibling role within the family and become a trusted extended family member that host parents depend on.  Once you have found an Au Pair you are really comfortable with, we provide the training so they are ready to go and impliment what they have learned when they arrive to your home.
Many Au Pairs form a bond with their host family that can last a lifetime.
Just like you, our Au Pairs also value their own time and privacy.  We suggest to all our Au Pairs that they look forward to their own time in the evenings, providing the family with some time together and the Au Pair with time to study, connect with their friends and family or simply have some down time.    


Finding an Au Pair can be time consuming but you  have asked the experts!  You can be condfident that we will find you a wonderful Au Pair who we will then train so they are ready to start.  
Here is how it works
Once you have filled out a registration from, a really friendly member of our team will call you.  She will take time to listen about your family, identify your needs and take down all the information needed for us to find you a great fit.  (While we always try to fulfil all your criterior, it is important to understand that you will need to be flexible.  Au Pairs, especially great ones like ours can get snapped up quickly but we will always advise you accordingly.)
We will ask for a searching fee of £75.00.  This is to partially cover the work that is undertaken on your behalf while we search for your Au Pair.  Our search is comprehensive and may take some time.  We will keep you updated but please be patient.  We are ALWAYS on the case!  Once we have found a potential match, we will interview the Au Pair and send you over their profile/profiles for you to approve.  If you are happy with the match, we will arrange a phone call/skype.  If you need a few pointers, we are happy to send you over some questions to help the converstaion flow.   If you’d like us to keep looking then we will happily do so.


Once you have found your Au Pair we will prepare your invitation letter and set the start date.  Your fee will be due and upon receipt, your Au Pair will receive her training.  Our support for both you and your Au Pair is on going and during their placement, we are on hand to help you with any questions that might arise.  


In terms of time saved, help provided,  and the continued support of our team, having a Perfect Au Pair is one of the smartest investments you can make for you and your family.  In terms of the value of your own time and the time you will get back from having extra help, the value of an Au Pair is huge.
Generally Au Pairs cost from £80-£130 per week not including associated costs with food/bills etc.
Perfect Au Pairs have undergone their training and are worth more.  They will charge £130 per week for 30hs per week plus an additional 2 nights of babysitting.  You will also need to think about the cost of including them in your family meals etc as our Au Pairs become a member of the family rather than a member of staff.
This allows us to attract the very best Au Pairs and provides them with a huge sense of value and incentive. 
 Based on a 1 year placement and including your Search Fee of £75.00  and Placement Fee of £795. 00 an Au Pair costs £591.66 per month. 
Compared to a Nanny working 30hrs per week atapproximately £1507.20 per month. (Not including acency fees).
YOU SAVE £915.54 per month whilst having the benfit of agency support and training.
As well as having the advantages of building a relationship that can last a life time.  Children love the sibling like relationship that comes from an Au Pair and their world gets wider as they learn and undertand the home and culture of your Au Pair. 
Registration is completely free and you only pay a fee if you decide that you would like us to undertake your search.   
If you would like to talk it thought with us then simply click on the registration button below and we will call you back.


We are looking for kind, fun and enthusiatic Au Pairs to join our family.  You will have the full support of our team and will be placed with families that share our values.   Apply now and a member of the team will give you a call, to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way.


We are looking for kind, fun and enthusiatic Au Pairs to join our family.  You will have the full support of our team and will be placed with families that share our values.   Apply now and a member of the team will give you a call, to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way.


    Finding a new Au Pair can be a stressful and unsettling time. There’s the daunting prospect of the online search or the numerous agencies with whom communication can be sporadic and unpredictable. We were at our wits’ end having been let down by an Au Pair and that’s when Perfect Au Pair was introduced to me. From the beginning it was a completely different experience. I was listened to, given honest and invaluable advice and only sent candidates who met my brief completely. And during the interview process they were always on hand to answer my questions, help with my decision making – they genuinely care. The training programme also makes them unique and I”m looking forward to seeing how our Au Pair gets on. All in all, I could not recommend Perfect Au Pair highly enough

    Katie Keith June 2017

HOW can we help?

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