Finding childcare that provides balance and peace of mind.

The Process

Finding childcare that provides balance and peace of mind.

It is easy to find the Perfect Au Pair for your family. Simply register online, and we will select some candidates that most suit you and your family.  All of them will have been screened and interviewed.   Once we start searching for potential au pairs, you will be allocated a support person who will get to know your needs and guide you through the entire process. She will search for candidates on your behalf, provide insight into cultural strengths, support you through the interview process and give feedback on au pairs you like.




Step 1  

Fill out our form

Simply click here and  Complete this form.  Expect a call from a member of our team who will welcome you and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2  

Au Pair search

Talk to your Perfect Au Pair matching specialist about your family home, your schedule and what you enjoy to do as a family.
Based on your answers and your application form, we will send through a selection of 3 candidates for you to pick from.  They will have been selected based on their skills, background and personality you have asked for.  We will then give you a call to talk them through with you.
We will help you set up skype calls so you can interview and get to know potential Au Pairs.   We can provide you with some helpful questions you might like to ask to help the call run smoothly.

Step 3

Pick your Perfect Au Pair 

Once you have made your choice and selected your ideal arrival date, your support specialist will let the Au Pair know and check that they are also happy to come to stay with you.
We will ask for payment of our fee and will get going on visa and flight arrangements.



Step 4 

Welcome your Au Pair

Your Perfect Au Pair will have completed an accredited childcare training course and earned her first credit towards her Outstanding Au Pair Accreditation prior to arriving in the UK.  When she first arrives in the UK you have the option of sending your Au Pair on our 2-day training course in Pediatric First Aid. This is essential if you would like her to mind a baby for short periods of time.   She will then travel to your prefered gateway.
Throw final